10 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

This day and age its impossible to find a person who isn’t glued to their phone, but how bad are you when it comes to a social media addiction? Here are 10 ways to tell if you’re addicted to your phone.

10. Every night before bed and every morning soon as you wake up, you religiously scroll through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in case you’ve missed anything.

9. You’ve been on your social apps on your laptop and gone on a different app on your phone at the same time

8. You interact with friends and family through social than you do in real life

7. You’ve bumped into things or fallen because you’ve been on your phone and weren’t paying attention to where you were walking

6. You’ve run out data because you are on your apps constantly and have run your cell bill up

5. You manage to scroll through your entire feed several times in a day.

4. You cant go a minute without looking at your phone, constantly checking your notifications

3. You have what Doctors like to call ‘Text Neck”, where you have constant neck pain, strains, or kinks from constantly looking down at your phone.

2. All your conversations are generated from something you saw or read on social media, you rarely have any deep or thoughtful interaction

1. You ignore people when you’re out because you’re on your phone, and others are constantly having to grab your attention or remind you to pay attention to them.

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