10 Signs You’re Becoming A “Gam-Gam” By The Age of 25.

If you are anything like me, then you probably are on the fast track to becoming a “Gam-Gam”. In other words, you are definitely an old lady at heart. You like all the things your grandma probably loves doing. But hey! That’s nothing to be ashamed of! All of us “Gam-Gams” need to embrace our lifestyles! If you can relate to any of these you’re probably a gam-gam.


1) You know going out means that you probably will wear suitable shoes.





2) And by going out, it’s probably just to the grocery store. 

grocery shopping


3) When you’re not going out (to the grocery store) you’re probably at home just working on your Crossword or Sudoku puzzle book. 

crossword puzzles


4) You like to be in bed by 9:00PM



5) Except for that one or two nights a week when you’re in a very competitive bowling league. 



6) There is always once a month when you get together with the girls to play some Bingo and there is that one lady that just annoys everyone. You might practice this more religiously than actual church. 



7) You find loud noise obnoxious and very annoying. Like nails to a chalkboard.

loud sounds


8) You may also be a gam-gam if you have a stockpile of medicine and vitamins. Some may look alike and you then have to ask yourself this question…



9) You think you still know all the “hip words” the kids are saying these days, but in reality you just look like a fool.

hip words


10) Last, but certainly not least. You actually realize how old  you are and you just scare yourself. (But only on how old you act) 

how old


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