3 Crazy Utah Laws You Are Probably Breaking – [Nikki Rae’s 3 Way]

Utah has some crazy laws, thats for sure! But there are some you are probably doing every day and didn’t even know it! Check out 3 of Utah’s weirdest laws below:

No Throw Zone


You might want to think twice about throwing a snowball if you live in Provo. According to laws there, if you get caught, its an automatic $50 fine.

Keep it “Ladylike”


Women in Logan must be the classiest women on the planet! According to Logan laws, its against the law for women to curse!

Ride Or Die


Marriage in Utah is a gift and a curse if you’re the male companion. According to state law a man is responsible for his wife’s crime. If a female commits any type of crime, its the husband that takes the fall for it. This law is extremely outdated, and most likely never implemented.

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