3 Ways To Stop Checking Your EX’s Social Media

We’ve all been there, wether the breakup was good or bad. We never really want to see our ex’s move on and be happier than we are. Especially if we haven’t completely moved on ourselves. It’s in our nature to want to check on them and what their up to. Who they’re dating, and if they downgraded. This need to know can become obsessive and creepy, and before you know it, you’re completely consumed in knowing their every move.

Stop while you’re ahead. This bad habit can ruin you and your quest to move on and be happy. Here are 3 ways to kick your stalkerish bad habit.

Block Them

Social media is heaven and hell. Its full off such awesome information and ways to connect, but that may also be the problem. Having access to your EX’s social media is bad all around. Its too easy to want to check their pages to see how happy or miserable they are without you. Blocking your EX’s social media pages is the easiest way to keep yourself from stalking their every move. If you don’t have immediate access, you’ll be less likely to go out of your way to do it.


Confide In Your BFF

Wether your BFF and your EX got along or not, they will always have your back in a breakup. Meaning that no matter what, you can always count on them to be honest and protect you from making yourself look stupid. So when you get the urge to check your EX’s socials, hit up your BFF and tell them your dumb idea so they can talk you out of it.


Cut All Ties

I mean ALL ties! Family members, coworkers, and friends. Anyone you know that knows your ex, cut them off. This will prevent any unwanted or awkward conversations discussing your EX. Keeping these people close is just going to cause drama. The less you know about your EX, the better.


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