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Feeling hungry?

Those leaves have packed up for the season, but before we can pack up our cars with a snowboard the snow has to fall. We have to find something to occupy our time and appetite in this cold without purpose there’s nothing more gratifying than a hot meal – and why not get a nice layer of winter fat on ourselves, just in case?

Here we are, in the season of kick-ass movies, scarves and a greater appreciation for that hot cup of morning coffee. This is also an amazing time be a foodie…for a certain type of food: comfort food. The problem is, as gratifying as cooking at home can be, there’s something about going out and enjoying a meal prepared for you. Something may seems simple on the surface, but it probably isn’t and that why it’s all the more worth eating. When was the last time you made chicken noodle soup from scratch?

Here are eight places in Salt Lake to enjoy some gratifying food this fall:

1. Pho Tay Ho (1766 S. Main Street)

Don’t be surprised by the simple facade. Or the simple interior. It’s basically a house with scattered tables and chairs that were probably recovered from an old bingo hall. Pho Tay Ho has an aroma reminiscent of your grandparents’ house. Everything about this place should be a turn-off, but it’s in that completely unpretentious arena you will find, arguably, the best bowl of pho in Salt Lake.There is nothing better this time of the year. Nothing.

Soothing my poor sore throat with some Pho! #vscocam

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2. Porcupine Pub & Grill (3698 Fort Union Blvd)

It’s not just about the chicken noodle soup, but that sure doesn’t hurt. A bowl of chowder and a nice tall glass of your favorite brew followed by a hot cup of coffee is a great way to round out an afternoon or evening. Once the ski season starts it’s not a bad place to end the day and trade snow reviews.  Also, there’s a new Porcupine opening up near the University of Utah soon!

3. Soup Kitchen (2012 S. 1100 E.)

Speaking of soup, from the daily special to the breadsticks you know you want to snag a few more than the alotted amount, Soup Kitchen is a Sugarhouse institution. The chowder and chicken noodle are solid, but it’s never a bad idea to mix it up with some split pea and if you are in a hurry get some to go and surprise everyone at home with an impromptu soup smorgasbord.

4. The Copper Onion (111 East Broadway)

On the higher end of comfort food, The Copper Onion is a great place to eat before or after catching some great cinema at Broadway. Even if you just come downtown for a stroll, to do some shopping or fill up your stomach before a night out, you won’t get bored with the menu. If your companion’s palette isn’t down with the Duck L’Orange there is always meatloaf that’s probably way better than your mother made. The cocktails are top notch, too.

#goodlocalsausage is hard to find:we made our own with beef, marrow and garlic. #ohyeah #slcfood A photo posted by The Copper Onion (@thecopperonion) on

5. Pig and a Jelly Jar (900 S. 401 E.)

Start your crisp, Sunday morning off with a hot waffle topped with a fried chicken breast topped with a fried egg topped with bacon then soak it all in maple syrup and Frank’s Red Hot. Since it’s Sunday why not crack a can of Pabst with it for a few bucks. I mean, you do have a full day of football to watch. Might as well carb up.

6. Dim Sum House LLC (1158 S State Street)

Dim Sum House LLC, seems like a formal name, but hey, truth in advertising, right? Steamed buns and veggies and broth and seafood and rice in space that resembles something along the lines of an Elks Lodge and a Shanghai reception center. Order the stack tall and hot and your get home just into to nest into a food coma.

Dim sum #utahfood A photo posted by ktnancy (@ktnancy) on

7. Wing Coop (3971 Wasatch Blvd)

Sure, the 11 sauce might be the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s not required. From Loco Lime to Spicy Garlic to traditional sauce at varying degrees, Wing Coop it the perfect cherry on top to a Sunday Funday after a fall hike.

#DinnerIsServed A photo posted by The Wing Coop (@thewingcoop) on

8. Sawadee (754 E South Temple)

There was no way we could have left Thai food off this list. Sawadee is that purple building that will draw you in with amazing aromas. It’s all about the curry, of course with the green curry being a favorite. Add some pad thai and basil chicken and you’ll be about as happy as can be. They have great lunch specials, too.

Phat si io #ผัดซีอิ๊ว #phatsiio #favoritethings

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