An SLC Hometown Story – Homerunners 2 Year Anniversary


noun. HOMERUNNER [hohm ruhn-er] 1. A complete or unqualified success. 2. Love interest. Covering all bases “HOMERUNNERS” is a company designed for specialists that excel in their trade.

Even though I wasn’t born here, I’ve planted roots here so long Utah is home. Two of three of my children were born here. I remarried here. My first shot at music professionally was here.. so you can say I’ve got a lot of love and appreciation for this place. If you’ve stayed here long enough you know the stereotypical negativity people can have here (enough with the Mormon jokes we get it), but what have they done to make things better? My favorite is when people say “I’m from Cali” (given I grew up there) as if that’s some badge of being above here. I sure don’t miss the traffic and higher cost of living.

What I do see is an ever growing community surrounded by beauty of the mountains and canyons you can’t get in many other places. Every day there’s another new restaurant to try. When friends from out of state come here to visit they find another charm or quirk they like that’s unique to Utah. My video series BARZ was inspired by the fact that I was pleasantly surprised with how passionate the ever-growing hip hop community is. Through that same community came close friendships and memories created.

That’s where I’m proud of all my homies at The Homerunners. If you’ve seen that SLC logo around town it’s no coincidence. They are a collective of friends who grew up here and wanted to bring influence from all of their experiences in the form of hometown love for Salt Lake City and the talent that lives here. From my perspective they aren’t doing what they are doing to get rich or chase clout. They express their creativity through cool designs in the form of clothing, fashion and fresh new events as often as the creativity allows. It’s not about the numbers.. and it shows with the loyalty their following bring.

“There’s so much talent here (UTAH) that goes unnoticed. I recognized that and wanted to shake the stigma of “Salt Lake is full of these kinda people or that kinda people.. there’s nothing to do.. blah, blah” it’s not that simple. Spending about a decade+ in the city I’ve been fortunate to meet so many hard working people. I wanted to highlight that and creating a clothing brand with my closest friends was the best way for me to do so.” – Greg Siratsamay

The stage was set on the patio at Tinwell. Every piece made so far was displayed above you as you approached the free taco bar being held down by Ryan Condrick. DJ’s Bo York, Matty Mo, Flash N Flare, Concise Kilgore and myself rotated setting the vibe while supporters danced on in the heat (and eventually rain). All walks of life came through to celebrate their pride for this melting pot we love to call home. Bo York and I collaborated for an anniversary back-to-back set. The amount of love being shown was immeasurable. But that’s what’s so special about creating a vibe with your friends… it’s not forced. Can’t wait to see what’s in store the next two years and beyond for them. Cheers and happy anniversary Homerunners.

PHOTO CREDIT: Christopher Douangdara


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