Cordae Recalls The Time He Accidentally Hung Up On Iconic Singer

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Recently, Cordae shared the time he hung up on an Iconic singer that he eventually collaborated with on a song. Cordae said, “I got a phone call and my boy was like, ‘Yo, Stevie Wonder wants you to, like, pull up on him in the studio and work on a record.’ So I was like, ‘Done.’ And we connected and Stevie, he had me save his number as Stevland Morris. That’s his actual name. And I got a FaceTime one time, it was saying, like, Stevland Morris. I was like, ‘Who’s this?’ I’m like, ‘Who is Stevland Morris?'” He continued, “It sounds like a great uncle, you know what I’m saying? … I haven’t met too many other Stevlands. So I’m hanging up on it and I’m like, ‘Stevland Morris,’ I’m trying to think, Stevland Morris, I’m like, ‘[gasps] I just hung up on Stevie Wonder.’ So I had to call him back.” Cordae ended up linking with Stevie Wonder on a track and said that the legendary singer is very ‘hands on’ in the process.

Cordae said, “If you hopping on Stevie’s song, he’s there every part of the way…it’ll be two days after I did the verse, he’s like, ‘Yeah, can we say this versus this? I think you can articulate your way better if you kind of redid this part versus how you did it.'”

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