Ex-Strippers To Successful Rappers– What’s The Correlation? Is Blac Chyna Next?

According to TMZ, Blac Chyna has claimed that she wants to begin her rap career and has already received interest from record labels such as Capital Records. According to the report, Blac Chyna was inspired by Nicki Minaj while on set during Mike Will Made It’s “Rake It Up” music video and sees Minaj as a mentor. You might be rolling your eyes but Blac Chyna might be on to something. Over the years it seems as though more and more former strippers have tried to transition into successful rappers, and surprisingly, quite a few have succeeded. With songs like “Bodak Yellow” by rapper turned stripper Cardi B making it’s way to the top 10 on Billboard along with the success of artists like Eve, Trina and Kashdoll, its no secret that there might be a correlation. So what’s our theory?

5 Reasons Ex-Strippers Make Hits

  1. They Know Men-Like the music industry, the strip club is a male dominated atmosphere. The dancers may become accustomed to being assertive and aggressive with men resulting in well…results.
  2. They Know Hit Music- They know what songs pop in the club and what songs people want to dance to because songs usually break at the strip club first. If the strippers don’t want to “twerk” and break it down, then the crowd might not get hype either.
  3. They Know Money- They are all about the money. They see flashy men and women come in all the time. They know what they dress like, what they drive, what they drink, what they like. They see the lifestyle and may even end up living it. So they know what lifestyle other people envision for themselves when listening to their music.
  4. They Know Women- They represent the alto ego of a women audience. Strippers are shamed for their open sexuality, but when they rap about “being sexy” and “being a boss” it createsr an outlet for other women to relate to and feel dominant and sexy .
  5. They Know The Industry- Trap music is on fire right now, so it’s no secret that these women have an edge on what’s hot in the industry right now and put some fire bars together.

Now I’m not saying go and become a stripper because you’ll be a billboard winning rapper! But regardless of how you feel about strippers, “Bodak Yellow” is mine and every boss chick’s song right now so I can’t hate. Ya’ll do you and keep making those hits! I’m here for it!




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