Gimme 5: Five Things You Should NEVER Text A Lady

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First of all gentlemen, there are such things like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Why must a woman personally send you a photo? If anything, simply log into your social media website of choice and like a few of her photos.

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If a woman isn’t replying to your texts or if she hasn’t talked to you for over a week, it’s for a reason! Nothing will make her stay away more than the “Hey stranger” text. Nobody has time for that.

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Woman’s response? “When are you going to build me a house?” Gentlemen, unless she is already your lady do not, I repeat DO NOT ask her when she is going to cook for you. Nothing will turn a woman off more than the idea of a man being needy or a man who can’t cook for himself.

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Chill? Really? Ask her on a date, take her to get ice cream, invite her to a movie, take her on a hike… anything but asking her to “chill” along with that, other words that are unacceptable are “lets kick it” –like what are we kicking? Also, come through –just because Drake said it, it doesn’t mean that it will work as a pick up line, sorry gentlemen.

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There is nothing more disgusting than opening a picture message with a big (or small) shlong in it… guys! NO FEMALE WANTS TO SEE THAT! Ever! Not only will she screen shot it and send it in a group message to her friends so that they can laugh about it, but now you have left absolutely nothing up to the imagination… just keep it in your pants, it isn’t that bad.


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