From raising sons for the past 20 years, now instant daughters. Poetik’s culture shock.

Being a father is such a blessing. Raising two sons for over 2 decades has been a wonderful experience. My oldest that I’ve raised is now 20 years old and my baby will be turning 16 in July.
Let me share my new experience in life with two beautiful girls. Introducing 8 year old Allie and 3 Year old Brielle.


Just recently I have entered into a real life “Brady Bunch” situation and it has been a real culture shock to say the least. I remember thinking, ‘I can handle this.’ My current relationship brought two of the cutest girls in to my life. Talk about instant father again, but to DAUGHTERS! I thought I could jump in to the situation with something as simple as putting the toilet seat down, But… NOPE!

From years ago, having to make sure my son’s bathtub was filled with Transformer robots. To now seeing the tub full of dolls right before I jump in the shower. Sometimes it compares to an actual 90’s Dr Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg pool party.


How about staying up all hours of the night with tools and lumber just to make sure the princesses have each their own canope covered beds.


It’s been such a great life changing experience. I’m still very new to barbies, hair ties, and Monster High. It usually takes a lot to scare the hell out of me, but now it’s the terrifying scream that fills the room due to an itsy-bitsy spider on the wall. That’s when stepdad has to save the day. It’s well worth the hugs and kisses after!

I enjoy receiving hugs and kisses from my girls. But now I have joined you fathers that not only kiss our babies boo-boos, but their dolls boo-boos too. For instance, this pic was from this morning when Brielle’s doll needed a healing kiss after it fell from the chair.


The days from watching Marvel Comics and Star Wars movies has been almost replaced with Sophia, Paw Patrol and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic cartoons. I say almost, because I may get away with my sons and catch a good action, blood filled flick now and again. I must admit, seeing 8-year-old Allie glued to the big screen during Cinderella’s dance with the Handsome Princess touched my heart. I wondered what was going through her head? Is it possibly that one day she will meet her prince? I hope not! As her mother scolded in her head, “School first and foremost, find and maintain a good career, then buy a nice house. Keep guys AWAY until then!” (LOL I agree!)

This pic always brings me joy. This was my first of many “Pretty Princess Disney On Ice” dates with my girls.


Building memories all over again! With our recent trip to Disneyland with 8 year old Allie to currently playing Barbies with 3 year old Brielle.


The ride has been a fun one, and now a new blessing for Jenna and I. Fatherhood is growing, with yet another girl due in August. I am blessed.

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