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Glockoma 2 by Key Glock: Ranking the Album’s Songs

Glockoma 2 - Ranked

Glockoma 2’s Best Songs: A Deep Dive into Key Glock

Well, well, well! You must be a true Key Glock fan, eager to rank Glockoma 2’s best songs with us. So, buckle up, dear reader, as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through the hottest jams that have put this album on the map. From catchy hooks to lyrical masterpieces, Glockoma 2 has it all, and we’re here to celebrate the cream of the crop. So, let’s get this show on the road and see which songs genuinely deserve the spotlight! 

Hitting the High Notes: Ranking Glockoma 2’s Top Tracks




15. “Key Rex”

An eerie atmospheric synth provides a solid backdrop for the dark, cinematic lyrics on “Key Rex.” 

“Big Glock, Key Rex, might cop a T-rex (Yeah)

Chopper sing, Keith Sweat, banana clip, eat that

Ran through a check like a n*gga at recess”


And the image at the top of this page is Midjourney’s interprertation of the above lyrics.



14. “Homicide Gvng”

“Homicide Gvng” is a Key Glock song about being a Glock-toting menace in his neighborhood. 

“My auntie seen my Jesus piece and she said, “Goddamn, holy shit”

This shit hittin’ like Holyfield, I’m shootin’ shit, you know I will (Yeah)”




13. “Fuck a Feature”

A triumphant song about Key Glock’s independence from the rap machine. He doesn’t need a “feature” because his pockets are already fat. How fat?

“My money long, my pockets fat, my pockets on Peter, n*gga

Yeah, my pockets on Peter Griffin”




12. “Designer Down”

An ominous piano melody establishes a dark mood in “Designer Down.” Still, the infamous Triggerman sample pokes through to lighten things up as Key Glock spits lyrics such as:

“First, I fell in love with money, then got sprung after that

I went from flippin’ off them mattresses to flippin’ them packs

And then I jumped up in the rap game, then I got me some plaques”




11. “Fuck Dat Shit”

The beat by BandPlay carries “Fuck Dat Shit.” It features a sample from “I Like the Way Your Thing.” Key Glock does his thing, but lyrically it’s not his most clever track except for the lines below.

“I’m sucker free, no sucker shit (Yeah), ain’t on no sucker shit

I’m rockin’ blue diamonds, smokin’ Gelato like my brother, bitch

They say if it don’t make no money, then it don’t make no sense

Well, I been makin’ so much damn money, it don’t make no sense”




10. “From Nothing”

Now we’re getting to what makes Key Glock stand out from his peers: beat selection. The instrumental on “From Nothing” features a breezy guitar lick over simple, upbeat piano chords. It’s not that the beat itself, it’s how Glock flows over it like it’s “nothing.”

“It’s nothin’ (It’s nothin’), I just put me an opp in the oven (Yeah)

Tryna put so and so in a Russian (Fah)

When they catch that boy, know they gon’ rush him (Rush him)

Yeah, you know I hold grudges, don’t judge me (Yeah)

If it ain’t ’bout no money, don’t bug me (Uh-uh)”




9. “Dirt”

“Dirt” details Key Glock’s ability to make money and remain the same fundamental person.

“Made packs disappear, like David Blaine

These bitches be all on my dang-a-lang

I just bought a new blue pinky ring, my heart cold, it’s icebox

Number one rule, get that money, man, I got this shit from Dolph (Dolph)”




8. “Ratchet”

Sometimes less is more. “Ratchet” consists of a one-bar piano loop backed by unwavering 1/8th hi-hats and standard trap snares and kicks.

“These n*ggas playin’ both sides, monkey in the middle

My neck Atlantic Ocean and my wrist the Nile River

Got money on my mind every time a n*gga get up

I’m shittin’ on the industry, can’t crop me out the picture (Ayy, yeah)”




7. “Money Over Hoes”

“Money Over Hoes” is self-explanatory: Key Glock likes money more than women. And he really wants us to know he drives a droptop, Rolls Royce. Key Glock’s enunciation choices are the highlight of this track.

“That young nigga right there cold (Glizock)

Uh, ridin’ in a droptop Rolls

Yeah, I’m ridin’ in a droptop Rolls (Yeah)

Yeah, shoutout to my gang, that’s bro (Bitch)

I ain’t got no friends, just foes”




6. “In and Outta Town”

Key Glock plays peek-a-boo with a funky, hyphy-esque bass line, with lines like:

“Ayy, don’t tell me to slide, I been on that for a long time (Fah, fah, fah)

These niggas porcupines, backstabbin’, that is not my kind (Cutthroat)

Hoppin’ out a truck on twenty-sixes with my forty-five (Skrrt, skrrt, fah)

You know I rep that five, so that’s why I got like five wives

I flip your ass like Five Guys (Yeah), choppers in all size (Yeah)”




5. “2 For 1″

“2 For 1” features a great beat change. The song starts dark but suddenly shifts to something lighter and more intriguing. 

“Glock Schwarzenegger (Yeah), I’ll terminate you (Uh)

Arts and crafts, n*gga (What?), I’m playin’ with the paper (Yeah)

Sippin’ syrup, maple (Uh), drippin’ in Bottega (Yeah)

I just pulled up with my chopper like the Undertaker”




4. “Randy Orton”

Randy Orton is a current WWE superstar. He shares his first time with the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage. On “Randy Orton,” Key Glock references both in hypersonic speed over a bluesy sample. So snap into a Slim Jim and enjoy. 

“I’m savage, but don’t call me Randy, yeah (Uh-uh)

I’m slammin’ these bitches like Randy Orton”


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3. “Work”

“Work” is about Key Glock’s answer to the grief of losing a close friend. That answer? Work. BandPlay lays down one of their best beats here.

“Wake up, no pancakes, just syrup

Ten toes down, yeah, stay on alert

I get it in like the first and the third

This shit I got on, it came out the dirt

All of this money, I feel like I’m cursed

I lost my dawg, every day this shit hurt

I lost my dawg, every day this shit hurt

His voice in my head keep on tellin’ me “Work””




2. Pop My Shit

“Pop My Shit” might be the best place to start for those unfamiliar with Key Glock. The beat samples “Sideshow” by Blue Magic. Haven’t heard of them? Listen to this track to find them at their best.

“Uh, I pop my shit for fun

I be smokin’ on that zaza, sippin’ lean like Pimp and Bun (Bitch)

Yeah, these n*ggas talk that rah-rah shit, but they know I ain’t the one (Uh-uh)

Yeah, these n*ggas talk that rah-rah shit, ain’t even got a crumb (Huh?)”




1. “Chromosomes”

“Chromosomes” turns a blues classic, “I’ll Play the Blues for You” by Albert King, into a trap superhero theme with Glock as the protagonist of counting. 

“One, two, three, four O’s inside a Styrofoam (Wock’, Wock’)

One, two, three, four hoes who tryna take me home (Yeah)

Five, six bracelets on my wrist, look like a pot of gold (Bitch)

Got money, money, money, money runnin’ through my chromosomes (Yeah)”


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