JDM Heroes.. now available in Utah!

I’ve always been in to car culture even before the Fast & Furious movies. I grew up in the bay area, CA where import car culture was always around. As most 80’s babies did, it started with a Honda tuner fetish. Yes, my first car was a Civic. No, not an Si. An HX model. Rims and a body kit. I painted my interior pieces red. I wish I still had photos of it to share (so we can all laugh about it) but as I grew up and got deeper in to the culture you start to do research on the cars that the US didn’t get brought over. Legendary cars like the Nissan Skyline. Silvia’s, not the watered down KA series (truck) engine ones. Mazda’s EUNOS line, their luxury brand that never made it to the states. Well that’s a thing of the past, because my homies at RSS IMPORTS are making these cars available for every gearhead. We rocked their Grand Opening this past weekend, and to be able to see these legendary JDM cars (and even some cool euro Mini’s) on the road legally and attainable was dope. I snapped some photos of my personal fav’s from the event..


The R32’s were out and about


There was a black one for sale! And a really dope drifting built AE86..


That Skyline booty.. with a Cosmo on BLITZ creepin’


An all time classic body style IMO..


The FIRST car to house a TRIPLE ROTARY. Mazda should have brought this sleeper to the states, The Eunos Cosmo.



The OG stickers though..


We setup the DJ booth next to this track ready Impreza and a recently purchased S13 Silvia 🙂


The owner was super cool and told me all the plans he has for this clean example..


They even had a cool Rover Mini for sale, I almost drove it home.


Shout out and love to all the listeners and fellow gearheads who came out! Thanks to all the passionate RSS IMPORTS fam for bringing these JDM heroes for all Utah enthusiasts to enjoy!


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