DEFINITION OF “SAMPLE” – In music, sampling is the reuse of a portion of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may comprise elements such as rhythm, melody, speech, sounds or entire bars of music, and may be layered, equalized, sped up or slowed down, repitched, looped or otherwise manipulated.

Sampling has and always will be an important part of hip hop. In a way I perceive the art of sampling as an inspired way to pay respect to an original song by giving it new life through creating a new song. Personally as a DJ nerd it’s a minimum education to be a proper DJ to understand where music comes from, where it originates and to discover previous eras that weren’t “new to me” and those finding a familiarity when you catch it. I can’t tell you how many legendary artists from the days of funk, soul, disco, motown and beyond through a hip hop song from my era that then takes me back to those legendary years, without bounds or time limits.

That’s why “Sample School” has been an idea in my head that I’ve always incorporated into my DJ sets.. because part of being a DJ in my mind is music discovery and education. I love teaching my daughters about where their favorite artists songs have originated from whether in the production piece, re-imagined word-play and versus and to introduce them to a whole different genre and era. THE ROLL OUT MIX PRESENTS: SAMPLE SCHOOL is a hand-curated and researched mix and blend of my personal favorite samples that have inspired many of the artists and songs that you love. As you listen, pay attention to how the original sample is manipulated and used to create a new song. Write those sampled artists down and fall down the rabbit hole of their discography.

If you’re feeling SAMPLE SCHOOL let me know @erockalypze on socials, and keep checking back for updated ROLL OUT MIX episodes right here at home base.

Stay digging, stay educated and open your mind to everything music has to offer.. and ROLL OUT with me every morning on U92!

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