My Top 5 Christmas Gifts I Did Not Receive As A Kid

We all know that Christmas is about the joy of giving. But as a kid, it was more about making sure our Christmas list was perfect. Just like Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story, I hoped Santa would memorize my list.


Well like many children have experienced in Christmas past, I wasn’t so lucky. It’s not that I was bad or should I say naughty. But more so, we lived within our means. Mom did what she could for her 3 sons.

Maybe one day I’ll get lucky.

1 – G.I. Joe COBRA HISS – When I first witnessed Destro driving in COBRA’s legendary tank on a Saturday morning, I started drawing the vehicle and hinted to mom via hanging my artistic vision on our kitchen fridge about twice a week.

2 – Star Wars Empire Strikes Back AT-AT – One of my favorite vehicles from The Empire Strikes Back!
My mother used to let me know “When Money Grows On Trees.”

3 – Casio SK1 Sampling Keyboard – When I was in fifth grade and glued to my stereo, I remember seeing this at a friend’s house named Chuck. This keyboard made sampling sound or in other words recording sound for playback. (at a mind blowing 1.4 seconds of sampling time) My imagination would run wild thinking of the possibilities! I wanted one so bad, but Casio discontinued production shortly after I laid my eyes on it. Sure there were other models that started to do the same as the original SK-1 but those came with a price tag not fit for a single mother trying to earn a degree.

4 – Transformers Decepticon “Constructicon” – A bunch of Transforms that could combine in to a mega transformer? Enough said.

5 – Technics 1200 Turntables and Mixer – Never happened as a kid because they were super expensive.

But I do own them now as an adult.

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