My Top 5 Songs From Childhood That Wore Out My Cassettes.

These 5 songs helped mold my life story. I was fortunate that my mother supported my dancing and love for music since I was in the first grade. She bought my many ghetto blasters, turntable, records and cassettes. These 5 songs were on heavy rotation back in the day. I still remember when my friend Jason Fitt and I used to pretend we were radio DJ’s in 5th grade playing music out of his bedroom window!


I was a huge Newcleus fan back in the day! This group out of Brooklyn started as a DJ group called Jam On Productions. They used to spin music at park jams and block parties, that eventually led to creating some timeless music. This was my go to song for many of the talent shows I danced in.


The Egyptian Lover straight out of Los Angeles, CA played to the masses as one of the many DJ’s straight from Uncle Jamms Army. This song was one of my favorites that helped shape my popping dance skills in 3rd grade at Bennion Elementry in East Side Salt Lake.


As a child, I could only imagine what it would be like to be a radio DJ. It seemed like they always had fun while working the music we heard. This song sort of solidified my interest in my career today. “Here’s A Scott Now” was my favorite part of the song!

EAZY E – Radio

What can I say? It’s Eazy E and I was a huge fan of N.W.A. Of course there were those classics like “Boyz In The Hood” on the late rapper’s classic album Eazy Duz It. But it was the B side song called “Radio” that had me dreaming of being the man on the radio one day. Greg Mack is the radio personality on this record who was actually on radio station KDAY in LA!

DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE – Rhythm Trax House Party Style

The art of the DJ also known as Turntablism of today is expressed so lovely in this B side classic from the album He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper. Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince showed off his DJ like a piece of Jewelry! This was a studio record that was actually apart of their live show routine!


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