Never Thought I Could Miss A Pet So Much – R.I.P. TURBO –

It’s only been a day since our dog passed. Hard times considering that we shared our lives for nearly 10 years. Turbo was one of the most kick ass Min-Pins on earth. Our guard dog may have been small, but he had a HUGE HEART! Turbo came from a family of miniature pinchers owned by my former boss Kevin Cruise. Our children were at an age where the responsibility for dog care could be fun. It’s funny, because at the time I approached their mother about possibly getting a dog for the kids and she was like “Really?”


I remember grabbing my son Ian and saying, let’s go for a ride. We immediately went to Kevin’s house and was greeted at the door by two full grown min-pins and right behind them followed two small puppy’s. With one male and one female wobbling around my son, I asked Ian to choose one. The look on his face was priceless! It seemed like an easy pick for him as his first choice was the female. Suddenly we see the male pup walk to a newspaper in the corner and witnessed this little dog doing his “business” on the business section. “That’s the one”, I silently whispered to mother. LOL

Since becoming a part of our family, we shared many moments together. Fishing trips, football games, picnics in the canyon and even holiday traditions to see Santa!


The hurt is here and very real. It will take some time to overcome, but the great memories will bring us needed smiles. We love you “BoBo”, Turb”, “Pup”, “Guard Dawg”, “Lil S**t”. :.)

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