Nikki Rae’s 3 Way: 3 Major Break-up Mistakes You’re Making

We all know break-ups aren’t easy, and love makes us do some crazy things…

But, you may be making these 3 terrible mistakes that are going to make your breakup that much worse. Don’t drag the pain from a break-up on longer than you have to. Here are 3 common break-up mistakes we all make, and how to avoid them.

Contacting Them After The Break-Up

It’s OVER. You don’t have to have the last word. Constantly contacting your ex after you have separated is unnecessary. You’re setting yourself up for more disappointment. Especially if you were the one who got dumped. Block their number and try to keep yourself busy. Focus on your day to day, and soon the need to talk or contact them will fade away.

The Rebound Hook-Ups

You’re heartbroken, we get that. But, hooking up with random strangers to fill the void is one of the most self-destructive things you can do. It’s natural to miss the companionship and intimacy of your relationship, but rebound hook-ups arent the way to go.  First of all, let’s talk about STD’s! Most people are on a “revenge” tip when they have a rebound relationship. Meaning, they want to get back at their ex,  and end up making stupid decisions. You don’t know the sexual health of a stranger, don’t put yourself at risk of catching something because you miss sleeping next to someone. Second, these are temporary fixes that won’t help you feel any better. If anything, rebound hook-ups will make things worse! It’s like putting a band-aid over a bullet hole. Be smart, the last thing you need is more drama from a “situationship”.


DONT! The last thing you want to be labeled as, is the “Psycho Stalker Ex”. Stalking their social media, friends and family’s social media, and showing up to places you know they’ll most like be at, makes you look crazy. Not to mention, depending on how far you take it, you could end up with a restraining order against you and/or be arrested! Nobody is worth catching a case! It’s natural to want to know what they’re up to, who they’re seeing, and where they’ve been, but its none of your business. You will drive yourself crazy watching them be happy, moving on, and doing things without you. This is the time to focus on YOU and what you’re doing to make yourself feel better. This includes your friends keeping tabs on them as well. Block all their social media, and anyone you follow that is a mutual connection to your EX. Remind your friends not to keep you updated on what they’re doing or who they’re seeing. If they’re your true friends, they will respect it.

Let it go.



Nikki Rae

IG: @iamnikkirae

Twitter: @iamnikkiraexo


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