Nikki Rae’s 3 Way: How To Catch Your Partner In A Lie

“If you feel something is wrong, that’s probably because it is..”


Ever caught your partner being suspicious? Or, have you ever felt like they were lying or hiding something, but then you second guessed yourself and let it go? Your intuition will never steer you wrong! If you feel something is wrong, that’s probably because it is. But, if you’re not sure, here are 3 for sure ways to tell if Bae is lying to you.

Truth In Details

Studies show if your significant other gives too many or too little details about something, they are more than likely hiding something from you. If you catch them overly talking about a person or place, it’s probably because they have a connection with them/it. If they shut down when you question it, that’s a problem. People will subconsciously talk about someone they’ve built a relationship with without realizing they are giving themselves up. If you notice they begin holding back from giving details when questioned, or begin to answer you vaguely they may be lying to you. 

Heavy On The D

An obvious way to catch someone lying is if they get defensive when questioned. If they start trying to redirect the blame, watch out for that. They feel backed into a corner and their only way out is to make you feel like you’re wrong or “crazy“. They get angry and start answering your question with a question instead of giving a direct answer. Or, they start accusing you of the same things you’re asking them about. This is a definite red flag that they’re lying. 

Covering Up

Are you noticing them covering their tracks? Deleting texts or DMs? Erasing call logs, or putting a password on their smart devices? The second your partner starts acting sneaky and deleting things, you caught them red-handed! What are they trying to hide? Suspicious activity is always a good way to tell if someone is up to something. If you question them about it and they get defensive BOOM! Issa liar!


Nikki Rae

IG: @iamnikkirae

Twitter: @iamnikkiraexo




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