Nikki Rae’s U-Quote Of The Day

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine…”


What are your daily habits? Do you skip breakfast? Wake up late a lot? Late everywhere you go? Engage in drama or negative talk with your coworkers? Procrastinate a lot? All these things can create a daily spiral and bad daily habits and routines. These daily routines shape your everyday reality, and in turn, can show you what your future looks like.

Don’t like something? Change it! That’s the only sure way to guarantee positive outcomes in your routine and future. Late a lot? Make it a habit to get up earlier. Drama at work? Stay out of it and mind your business! It’s not your job to be an emotional punching bag for negative people at work. Make these simple and easy daily routine changes and watch how much better your day is. Watch how much smoother your time flows throughout the day, and how much happier you are.

Write a list of all your bad habits, and then write down ways to fix them, and then DO IT. Keep a journal to help organize your transformation and thoughts. It takes 21 days to make something a habit, 3 weeks is nothing! You can do this!

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