Nikki Rae’s “U Quote Of The Day”

Routine seems to be everything. The expected. The predictable.  Most of everything we do in our day to day lives revolves around a schedule of some sort. An agenda, if you will. With this daily agenda comes the subtleties of attachment. We become attached to people, places, foods, drugs, phrases, pets, etc. Whatever is part of your daily routine, you can become attached to. As human beings, we are creatures of habit and so — when changes are introduced into our routine — it can leave us out-of-sorts. That leads us to our UQOTD.

“Not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning.”

As time progresses, you may notice your routine beginning to change. The fact of the matter is, somehow, we’ll always have some sort of routine or attachment. The trick is to recognize and  understand when you’ve outgrown them, and having the strength and the courage to implement changes that will better serve that new growth. It’s okay to audit your daily routine. It’s also okay to audit your inner circle. This is where it gets interesting. The truth is, we outgrow certain relationships and friendships. Having to distance yourself or even cutting people off can be very difficult and painful to bear. Some attachments are deeply rooted and those ones can leave a scar. Don’t let that discourage you from your path of growth and progression.

Fear does an incredible job at keeping us dormant and complacent. At the end of the day, it’s what leads us to our demise. Be a little selfish when it comes to your growth and whom or what, you invest your energy into. Changes of such magnitude rarely go over easily, so it’s important to build and maintain a strong sense of self-awareness. Surround yourself with positive energy. This will help you stay grounded through the storm of change, allowing you to make decisions that are more in tune with your growth and adaptation — as opposed to making decisions impulsively that can be detrimental. Last but not least, KEEP GOING!!! It doesn’t get easier, but you will gain the strength required to overcome. More importantly, you’ll be all the more wiser.


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