Nikki Rae’s “U-Quote” Of The Day

“You can cut people out of your life all day if you like, but unless you do the deeper work of understanding the dynamic between you both, the same lesson in a different situation will repeatedly appear”

Ever notice you meet the “same kind” of people? Whether relationships or friendships, you gravitate towards the same kind of toxic energy. Cut them off, just to meet a new them. Theres a reason you relive the same experiences with different people. Its because you haven’t learned your lesson. The universe will continue to bring you the same experiences over and over until you change your patterns and habits. You have to evaluate why you’re continuing to have these toxic relationships, dig for the deeper truth to find out why you keep gravitating towards these kinds of connections. Once you identify your deeper truth, you can then correct your habits. Notice the red flags and eliminate yourself from the equation before you make the same mistake.

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