Ranking “EVERYTHING IS LOVE’s” Best Songs


Released on June 16, 2018, EVERYTHING IS LOVE is the debut collaborative album by The Carters, which consists of power couple Beyoncé and JAY-Z. The album completes the trilogy of Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s relationship as told through their albums. LEMONADE revealed JAY-Z’s infidelity, 4:44 was JAY-Z’s apology, and EVERYTHING IS LOVE is their reconciliation. EVERYTHING IS LOVE was released with no prior promotion, similar to Bey’s eponymous BEYONCÉin 2013 and LEMONADE in 2016.

Here’s my list from least flames to most flames. Song info provided by Genius.

NO. 9 – “BOSS”

The power couple proves that they are making an extreme amount of money whilst at the top of the music industry. This is much like how this album needed no advertisements or promotions to get everybody’s attention when it dropped without notice last Saturday (June 16).

NO. 8 – “SUMMER”

Interpolating JAY-Z’s 2013 track, “Beach is Better (Interlude)”, wife Beyoncé is added to the mix to give us a sexy summer soundtrack.


Going along with the theme of the album, third track, “BOSS” and fourth track, “NICE” all include the same topic of being at the top. The title is self-explanatory as the power couple tells the audience that whoever listens to this song has had to know about them.

NO. 6 – “713”

This song is about Beyoncé’s love for her hometown of Houston. “713” is the area code for that city.

NO. 5 – “NICE”

This song features the second thing Jay does best aside from rapping: bragging. Jay-Z has done an unbelievable amount of songs about this topic that some think he’s gone out of ideas. “I Got The Keys”, “BBC”, “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”, and even two accompanying songs in the album with, “BOSS” and “HEARD OF US” go along with this topic.


After the trauma and drama over the last few years dealing with Bey and Jay’s relationship, the two are happy to be back together at the top and working it out. After Jay-Z’s infidelity he humbled himself, and Beyoncé accepted him on the last track of the album.


“BLACK EFFECT” is an unapologetic anthem and Jay-Z’s and Beyonce’s reflection on being in love with their own blackness and becoming a symbol of black wealth.


Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z recognize the important roles their friends play in their lives and how they contribute toward their success. Jay-Z shouts out long-time friends such as Emory Jones and his best friend, Ty Ty, as well as others who majorly contributed to his success. While Beyoncé doesn’t directly name her friends, she still gives credit where credit is due.

NO. 1 – “APES**T”

The couple flex about their luxurious lifestyles and come up, emphasizing that they are on the top of the music game. The official music video was released the same day the album dropped and features the pair visiting Paris, specifically the Louvre museum of art. This visual adds real depth to the seemingly materialistic lyrics; as the Carters flaunt their wealth directly in front of colonial artworks, which clearly highlight the mistreatment of their African ancestors by European conquerors.



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