Ranking “SR3MM’s” (SremmLife 3) Best Songs


SremmLife 3 (SR3MM) was released on May 4th, 2018, along with Swaecation and Jxmtro. It’s a triple-disc album as Swae Lee confirmed on Twitter.

The entire album is one hour and 42 minutes so it’s taken me awhile to listen to it all the way through a few times to create my rankings.

Here’s my list from least flames to most flames. Song info provided by Genius.

NO. 27 – “Juggling Biddies” (feat. Riff 3x) [From Jxmtro]

NO. 26 – “Players Club” [From Jxmtro]

NO. 25 – “What’s In Your Heart?” [From Swaecation]

Swae reflects on the shallow nature of the way people present themselves and how he doesn’t truly know the intentions of others.

NO. 24 – “Cap” (feat. Trouble) [From Jxmtro]

NO. 23 – “Red Wine” [From Swaecation]

NO. 22 – “Lost Angels” [From Swaecation]

NO. 21 – “Anti-Social Club” (feat. Zoë Kravitz) [From Jxmtro]

Featuring wordplay on the fashion brand, Anti Social Social Club, the track focuses on Jxmmi’s wealth, a common topic in his music.

NO. 20 – “Growed Up” [Jxmtro]

NO. 19 – “Heartbreak In Encino Hills” [From Swaecation]

Swae Lee explains the heartbreak that he felt when he realized he was in a relationship with a girl that only wanted cash, wheels and nothing real. Encino is a neighborhood located in Los Angeles, California.

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NO. 18 – “T’d Up” [From SR3MM]

The Metro Boomin’ produced track details the real life brothers’ extravagant lifestyle, including their jewelry, high fashion, girls and partying.

NO. 17 – “Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame” [From SR3MM]

The sequel to Rae Sremmurd’s number one hit “Black Beatles.”

NO. 16 – “Heat Of The Moment” [From Swaecation]

NO. 15 – “Touchscreen Navigation” [From Swaecation]

Swae raps and sings about his aspirations of finding love, and finding a bond with a woman of his choosing.

NO. 14 – “Hurt To Look” [From Swaecation]

NO. 13 – “42” [SR3MM]

Well, we know Rae Sremmurds European shoe size.

NO. 12 – “Bedtime Stories” (feat. The Weeknd) [From SR3MM]

Rae Sremmurd and The Weeknd talk about a conflicting relationship with a girl. They feel a mutual attraction but are afraid of falling in love and the vulnerability that comes with it.

NO. 11 – “Keep God First” [From Jxmtro]

This track talks about the people in Jxmmi’s life, and how he prioritizes them. The chorus gives a clear understanding of who he sees come first, God, his family, his squad, and money.

NO. 10 – “Perplexing Pegasus” [From SR3MM]

On this track Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi are referring to a foreign car, so they ‘jump in’ and don’t hop on.

NO. 9 – “Offshore” (feat. Young Thug) [From Swaecation]

The term ‘offshore’ describes an area that is distanced from the sea, which attributes to Thug and Swae’s luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. ‘Offshore’ also describes business done overseas in foreign countries. This could allude to both artists’ fan bases outside of the US.

NO. 8 – “Changed Up” [From Jxmtro]

The chorus says it all, when you’re on top, everybody wants to be around you, but when you’re down, fake friends fly away.

NO. 7 – “Chanel” (feat. Pharrell) [From Jxmtro]

You guessed it, this song is about the seminal fashion house Chanel. Chanel is a high-end French fashion brand known for their clothing, perfume, and jewelry.

NO. 6 – “Guatemala” [From Swaecation]

The song shares intentional sonic similarities with French Montana’s “Unforgettable,” which features and was originally written by Swae Lee.

NO. 5 – “Buckets” (feat. Future) [FROM SR3MM]

NO. 4 – “Powerglide” (feat. Juicy J) [From SR3MM]

The song samples Three 6 Mafia’s “Side 2 Side” and features Mafia member Juicy J. In the song, Swae Lee refers to a Lamborghini with a Powerglide transmission (a two-speed transmission meant for drag racing.) “Slime green” and “peanut butter” refer to the car’s exterior/interior colors. Want to understand why Juicy J is a music legend? Dive into his top songs.

See how Rae Sremmurd created Powerglide here.

NO. 3 – “CLOSE” (feat. Travis Scot) [From SR3MM]

NO. 2 – “Up In My Cocina” [From SR3MM]

“Cocina” is the Spanish word for “kitchen”, so the wide array of food references among the lyrics is fitting.

NO. 1 – “Brxnks Truck” [From Jxmtro]

“Brxnks Truck” is Slim Jxmmi’s first official solo track. Titled after a cash-managing service, “Brxnk’s Truck” (“Brink’s”) includes clever metaphors and mentions of money, women, fast cars, and drugs—all very familiar topics to Jxmmi.



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