Salute To Our Brave Veterans! Veterans Day 2016

Before you kiss your children, love your partner, and breathe the air we breath… Be thankful for our brave U.S. Veterans. Our freedom should never be taken for granted. I love what I do as a career each and everyday, and it’s because of our military from past and present that I have the opportunity to do so. My children go to great schools and can choose their own paths in the future because of our freedoms. We have our right to choose a religion, or not because of our given rights.

So many things we have in our country that other countries are deprived of is allowed because of our soldiers. I just want to say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! Fallen men and women who served, I will forever be thankful for all of you.

Our country maybe divided at this time due to the recent election. But one thing is for certain, we have brave men and women that are here to protect our great country!

I am grateful for our United States Navajo Code Talkers. A code that was never broken, this helped America win wars overseas.

Thank you to my late uncle Nelson Kee. I always will remember growing up thinking, wow.. My uncle was so brave! When I see the flag that was given to my aunt when he passed in my cousin’s home, I think about what he did to help protect our freedom.



Thank you for your service in the Navy at Desert Storm and being one of my best friends on earth Jeff Peay. I miss you my late friend.

jeff-1 jeff-2

Give thanks to a veteran when you see them. YOU ARE OUR HEROES!

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