The 11 Most Gangsta-ish Episodes of “Hot Ones”

Food, Celebrity, and Pain

You’ve really gotta earn that plug. For those of you not familiar with the show, host, Sean Evans, who declares, “This is the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” His delivery is as charismatic as dry cardboard, but he seems like a good guy and with the amount and caliber of hot sauce the guy consumes you have to assume that he’s not to be trifled with.  Anyway, the idea is that Sean asks questions of his celebrity guests between bites of wings doused in ascending degrees of Scovilles (the measure of heat pungency). And yes, people do tap out. We would love to see a series of guests 15 minutes after they leave the “Hot Ones” set.

“This is the show with hot questions and even hotter wings.”

The first question you will ask yourself, “why the hell would anyone do this show and put themselves that much gastro-pain just for a 30-second plug?” Maybe it has something to do with the millions of views the series pulls in and just about every episode is more entertaining than the las 15 minutes you will catch – or hours if you binge watch.

*Note: NSFW language, cause, yo, that sh*t burns!

1. Redman

Red talks about being a rap dad, meeting Bon Jovi, what happened to MTV’s Rock N Jock, producing Shaq’s records, and gets smoked by some hot wings. Red makes it though. Also, where the hell is “How High 2”?

2. Michael Rapaport

Rapaport struggles to make it past the finish line but crawls by. Being the sports and hip-hop expert that he is, he chats about Tribe’s Phife Dawg and LeBron all in one 10-wing roundabout.

3. Coolio

As he walks through the valley of the shadow of sauce, Coolio plugs his cookbook (yes, Coolio has a cookbook) and tell you how to pimp your kitchen, which actually sounds pretty easy. Coolio also goes into the folklore of how he wrote “Gangsta’s Paradise”…or as he says, how it wrote him. In a surprise move at the end, Coolio goes all in on the hottest, stomach-melting sauce in “Hot Ones” history.

4. Ja Rule

Well, it gets hot when Ja talk about gettin’ your thug lovin’ on, but it gets better when he gets into some jail meal hacks (they always seem to involve ramen). Everything seems to go to well until Ja get to El Yucateco

5. T-Pain

Why “sick a duck”? T-Pain knows by going milk first, wing second. His food tweets are epic and he expounds on some of them, so you can feast like Pain feats. T-Pain starts feeling the pain only 4 wings in. Final words: “Now I look like a little girl lost in Wal-Mart.” Also, heart him sing the Mr. Cl___ theme.

6. RZA and Paul Banks

Can Banks and Steelz make it through a short 5 wing round? RZA’s pause on the 3rd wing says it all. The end is near. RZA: I feel my insides heating up. Host: In a good way? RZA: I don’t know…

7. Tommy Chong

When the munchies backfire: it’s late, dark, your tummy is grumbly and you reach for the wrong sauce for the nuggets. Let this episode to be a cautionary tale when you smoke and get at some wings.

8. Gunplay

Way back in season 1, before anyone really knew what they were getting into, Gunplay stopped into grub and chat about hanging with Rick Ross at Wing Stop, tats, and hold his own in the hot sauce. Then again, the heat started turning up in later seasons. Gunplay should head back for a rematch. Just kidding…he reaches for the milk in the end.

9. Kevin Hart

He’s one of the biggest start to show up on “Hot Ones”, but jokes won’t save Kevin from the heat. According to Mr. Hart, you can catch a high off the heat. There is something sweet about hearing Kevin say, “Bring on the hot sh*t” early on, only to watch him eat those words as he works his way down the wing board. You know it get real when the shades come off – tears, baby, tears!

10. DJ Khaled

One of the most infamous episodes of “Hot Ones”, no one dropped faster than DJ Khaled, who didn’t seem to know what he was getting into. It might be one of the most uncomfortable episodes to watch.

11. B.o.B.

B.o.B. decided to go for boneless wings in this first season episode. They’ve got plates, the sauces are tamer, but our guest loses his humble after some braggadocio when they get to round 7 . B.o.B. talks about playing guitar for Kid Rock, which turned into a jam session before the sweating and tears begin. B.o.B. doesn’t break, though. The man can handle the heat. Just kidding, the last one gets him.

Here are some links for some of the hotter sauces seen on the show:

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