When I heard Rick Ross was coming out to Salt Lake City I was instantly excited but when I found out that it’s a actual festival, that excitement grew even more!  The good folks from ZaRon Ventures is presenting Spring Fest ’22 w/ The Boss Rick Ross on Saturday, May 7th at The Great Salt Air in Salt Lake City.

The cool thing about this festival is there is something here for everyone.  Oh, and the best part is we have locals on this lineup!  I had the opportunity to speak LA Ron of ZaRon Ventures about this festival he and his team are bringing to Salt Lake City.  Check out the video below and find out more about this event!

Q&A with LA Ron of ZaRon Ventures

Q: What is Spring Fest 22 and why should Utah be excited?

A: Spring Fest 22 is a seasonal music festival that involves all genres of music from Pop, Rock, Reggae, & Hip Hop. Our comedian host Alex Thomas will keep the crowd laughing while the music entertainers keep the crowd movin’ and groovin to their new and favorite artists. To show love to the DJ’s we’ve incorporated a DJ Verzuz contest where some of Salt Lake Cities’ best DJs will compete in a “Wow The Crowd” for $1000 bucks. This will be exciting and something the people will enjoy. For those who like to purchase things at festivals, we offer a Vendor Village that will sell clothing apparel and other local store products. We consider this Salt Lake Cities festival which is why we’re inviting all ages to a historic venue called The Great Saltair on May 7th, 2022.


Q: What does it mean to you to create this festival for the community?

A: Creating Spring Fest 22 for the community means everything to ZaRon Ventures. We pride ourselves on giving back to local artists and local businesses. Recent times have been tough and it’s time we all support each other and show love to people who are working hard to do something good.


Q: What’s been the biggest challenge creating the event?

A: The Biggest challenge creating Spring Fest 22 has been artists’ availability. Due to the Pandemic, most artists are back at it with a vengeance. So now more than ever artists are charging more because of the year and a half lay-off and they are beginning music tours. The non-availability part is normal when booking a show and it truly sucks when you have your heart set on a certain artist performing at your event. This is when you have to push the restart button and begin thinking of who else would fit perfectly and who would the people want to see. I think we did good and we have yet to announce the Surprise Artists.


Q: With this being the first time Rick Ross has performed in Utah, What does that mean to you?

A: It means the world to ZaRon Ventures to have Rick Ross not only perform for the first time in Utah but to be a part of our first annual music festival called Spring Fest 22. We want Salt Lake City to know we care about the people, the artists, and the businesses who just want to be successful while enjoying life.

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