Throwback Thursday – My Top 5 Movie Scenes In Hip Hop From The 80’s!

Growing up in the Hip Hop culture was a blessing. I pretty much lived it all.

A BBoy/Popper back in elementary school that performed in talent shows and family backyards. Graffiti artist who went by the alias “Markie” (I loved the way the letters looked in the name plus I took the name from one of my favorite MCs, Prince Markie Dee of the Fat Boys. I even had my little stint of writing rhymes and could hold my own in a Em Cee battle, but I knew rap wasn’t really in my future. Which brings me to today and a long career in DJ’n.

Whether it was seeing some of these classic films in a movie theater or at home on VHS, these are my top 5 movie scenes from 80’s Hip Hop movies! *Some scenes NSFW Language*

1 – Beat Street – The Roxy Battle, what else can I say? New York City Breakers vs The Rock Steady Crew!

2 – Wild Style – DJ Grandmaster Flash of the Furious 5 spinning in his kitchen! This was from the first Hip Hop movie ever made!

3 – Breakin’ – Turbo dancing outside a corner store! This is the infamous “Broom” scene!

4 – Krush Groove – The debut of an unknown superstar by the name of LL Cool J

5 – Style Wars – CAP disrespecting graffiti artists by spraying over their work. CLASSIC GRAF WAR IN NEW YORK BACK IN THE 80’S!

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