Top 5 things my Mother did that made me who I am today.

I know we are so close to Mothers Day, but why should I wait till then to share my top 5 memories of my mother? These are memories of things and decisions my mother did that impacted my life. Before I go on, I just want to say this. My mother is the greatest woman on the planet in my eyes.

1 – Giving birth to me. That had to be something so painful! Not just with labor, but the sickness involved. How about the emotional roller coaster that comes with being prego? I can only imagine. I’m sure it didn’t help that I probably kicked her organs constantly, including that full bladder of hers. Thank you for that protective womb I called home for 9 months. I hope I was worth the stretch marks and possible unforeseen accidents.

2 – Being the only doctor that was on call 24-7. You for sure was not a doctor by trade, but was the best damn one when I was sick. I know it must of been hard to raise three sons on your own. I admit, my father was in and out of my younger brother and I’s life for the majority. But my mother was there to play both rolls. Stella Haswood, I’m glad I chose you and God agreed with my pre-life decision (I believe in the pre-existent life). Late nights when I ran a fever or maybe when I had those terrible ear aches and sore throats, you were always there. This taught me to be there for my kids in any way I can be!

*The only gripe I ever had with her, was when she’d treat a cut with that old school PUREX MEDICINE! 80s kids, who remembers the agony of that pink stuff!?


3 – Buying me my first 3 cassettes! That’s right, my mother did so much for me just from purchasing my first tapes. Those albums were Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock, Newcleus’ Jam On Revenge and Midnight Star’s No Parking On The Dance Floor. This fueled my passion to love Hip Hop and R&B music. Plus it lead to my love of breakdancing as well as DJing.

This picture was in my third grade year! Notice the classic PUMA jacket, BBOY for life! When she could afford it, I was properly dipped.


4 – Throwing me on the stage since I was 6 years old. When my mother found out I took up a love for breakdancing, she could not wait to put me on that stage! From talent shows, half time shows at big basketball tournaments and on stage at the Utah State Fair. I had to always be ready at a mothers notice!

Here I am busting the Electric Boogie at the Howard Johnson convention center back in 1983.


5 – Expressing her love and support for me and my career. It always touches me when she says she’s proud of what I have become. Mom has always been a best friend of mine. She too has traveled the country, dancing and singing since childhood. I know I’ve inherited many of my talents from my mother. Mom, thank you for all you have done for your son. I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy Mothers Day Stella Haswood.


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