Top 5 You Can’t “NETFLIX AND CHILL” To

5. Master of None

You never want to select a show or movie that involves babies. Master of None is not about that but it has a whole episode about early swimmers and kids. That will totally mess up the mood.

4. Don

Don is a great movie and that’s the number one reason why you shouldn’t pick it for Netflix and Chill! The second reason is, it only has English subtitles. It’s a Bollywood film.

3. Minions

I love kiddie movies but lets be real… watching this to set the mood would be a little weird

2. Orange is the New Black

Last year OITNB was crowned the top show on Netflix to get the most chilling by Women’s Health Magazine. Lies! Lies! Lies! I feel like the perfect Netflix and Chill show or movie has to be slow but just interesting enough to have a reason to pick it. Orange is the New Black is a fast pace show with so many story lines. I just need to know what turns you on about murder, drug addicts, and girl on girl hook ups… okay never mind I get it.

1. The Interview

By now, you should know how Netflix and Chill works. You pick a movie then at the 5 minute mark you make your move. Well, this is what you will see at the 5 minute mark on The Interview

Yup, you can’t stop laughing! Now, think about it… if she’s laughing… is she laughing at the movie or at you?


Did I miss any from the list? Comment with yours!

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