WATCH | Whether They Like It Or Not.. SLC Has PRIDE

This was my first year at Pride Festival, and I was seriously blown away at how many people were in attendance. The love and good energy was REAL.

And during the parade, I came to a super enlightening realization.

You couldn’t help but notice the handful of protestors on the sidelines screaming hateful things, giving us the “thumbs down”, and waving “Jesus Hates You” signs around.

But here’s the cool part — that’s all there was. A handful. Maybe 15 or 20 protestors.

And seeing that small, insignificant group juxtaposed with the tens of thousands of others spreading love, dancing, and supporting their friends and family was really eye-opening.

Utah is often labeled as a place that judges and rejects, and yes, you will find those people here and everywhere you go. But this weekend proved that there are so many more people here who want to understand, support, and welcome you as you are.

So please, don’t let a handful of bigots steal your optimism from you. And if you need your faith restored again, here’s proof that SLC has PRIDE:

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