3 First Date Outfit Turn-Offs

First Dates are always awkward. Don’t make things worse on yourself by making these First Date outfit mistakes!


This is the biggest turnoff. Showing up to a date with wrinkled clothes is a guaranteed way to never make it to a second date. It symbolizes laziness, no effort, and being sloppy. Nobody wants those qualities in a potential partner. If you don’t know how to iron, take it to the cleaners. Spare yourself the embarrassment.

Shoe Game

Crocks. There is no explanation needed here. Just don’t do it! I promise if you do,  you’ll c**k block yourself. That also goes for socks with sandals too…gross.

Baggy Clothes

This should be common sense. Wearing baggy clothes, or clothes that don’t fit you properly is a no no! It looks sloppy, frumpy, and really unattractive. Especially if your date put in the effort to look nice, you should leave the oversized clothes in the fireplace, and burn them.

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