5 Ways To Work Out When You Hate Going To The Gym

Happy New Year! Many of us are starting 2018 off with big goals — pay off our debt, fall in love, and get a super hot bod. But here’s the problem with getting a super hot bod — you have to go to the gym. And no one really likes going to the gym besides Instagram models and The Rock. So if you are neither an Instagram model nor The Rock, here are some fun, alternative ways to burn those holiday calories.


This high-intensity workout is cardio and strength training combined — and you look super bada$$ doing it. There’s plenty of boxing facilities in Utah, and many of them offer a free trial class. I also found plenty of boxing class gems on Groupon.



If you’re not comfortable taking a booty-shaking dance class, no worries. There’s plenty of Youtube videos that’ll teach you how to do it (search at your own risk). Just put on some music, lock your door, and get to werk. When you’re ready to show off your skills, get a group of friends and head to the club. Seriously, I probably sweat more in the club than at any gym I’ve ever been to.



Living in Utah, you have no excuses on this one. We live among some of the most majestic mountains in the entire world and you haven’t hit the trails yet? Nah. Grab a friend, a water bottle, and don’t forget to bring all the gossip you have to catch up on.


Pole Fitness

Yeah, it’s a thing, and Utah even has a few training studios! It’s a fun and sexy way to get in shape, and also makes for great Snapchat content.



Cleaning burns up to 153 calories per half hour and takes “killing-two-birds-with-one-stone” to the next level. It’s scientifically proven that a clean house also reduces stress and anxiety, so really, you’re killing three birds with one stone. Murderer.


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