Brighton High School Forces Students Use Cell Phone Locking Device During Class Time

We can all agree that there’s a time and place to use your cell phone, and times when smartphone use should be prohibited. Like the movies for instance or a comedy show, there’s nothing more annoying than paying $15 bucks for a movie, or trying to enjoy a show and being distracted by someone who can’t put their phone down. Not to mention students in class who should be studying instead of texting their bff, or catching up on their timeline. How do you prevent people from using their phones when they shouldn’t? You create a device that locks their phone up until their attention is no longer required.

Meet Yondr. Yondr is a company that created sets of lockable pouches designed to block cell phone use during class time or whenever you need the undivided attention of a group of people. For years, teachers have battled with the distraction of smartphone use in class, and have battled with their students to put the phones down and study.

With the creation of Yondr, teachers at Brighton High Shcool no longer have to compete with the attention of their class. Human geography teacher Monta Thomas saved up to purchase a classroom set, costing her about $700. The kids walk in, take a pouch, lock their phones up and actually learn something. After class kids are allowed to unlock their phones at a designated “unlocking” station. Now the question is, does this create safety issues?

Just days ago at a high school in Texas, yet another on-campus shooting happened where 10 innocent victims’ lives were taken. Locking up cell phones in class has students, parents and specialiats alike concerned for their safety. Should there be a threat on campus, how will the cell phone locking devices affect the situation? According to the founder of Yondr, the company contemplated the potential impact on security plans “a lot.”  Stating “In case of emergency, the first thing everyone will tell you — and this is in all protocols — is to exit first, so everyone exits and then there are places to unlock cases outside the venue”

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