Chance and DJ Premier: ‘Together’

Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper Teams Up with DJ Premier for “Together”

Chance The Rapper has released a fresh track titled “Together,” with iconic DJ Premier handling the production. The song has quickly garnered attention. Listen to the song below.

“Together” Lyrics and Themes

Chance The Rapper’s lyrics in “Together” weave personal anecdotes with broader societal commentary, illustrating his knack for storytelling. The opening lines, “We used to watch ‘Annie, are you okay?’ on the couch/ My cousin used to slam me ’til I punched him in the mouth,” set a nostalgic tone, juxtaposing childhood memories with family dynamics.

As the song progresses, Chance layers his personal narrative with social insights: “This the homebase, you gotta watch ’em, they’ll right time you at the wrong place/ If you on your celly phone more than a phone case, they’ll take your crib to go, slide on your home plate.” These lines critique societal issues while calling for community vigilance and support.

Production by DJ Premier

DJ Premier’s influence on the track is unmistakable. Known for his ability to fuse soulful beats with crisp scratches, Premier adds a layer of complexity and depth to the production. This partnership marks a significant moment in music, as it brings together distinct musical styles that complement each other exceptionally well. Check out Premier’s recent collaboration with Nas. 

Final Thoughts

“Together” stands out not only for its lyrical depth but also for the seamless integration of Chance’s rhythmic storytelling with Premier’s masterful production. The track is a testament to the powerful results of combining diverse musical talents and perspectives. As Chance The Rapper continues to push boundaries in his music, his collaboration with DJ Premier is a reminder of how artists can drive change and thought through their art.

Chance’s Musical Journey

Chance The Rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, first gained major recognition with his second mixtape, “Acid Rap,” released in 2013. Acclaimed for its vibrant, jazz-infused beats and introspective lyrics, “Acid Rap” was a critical success that helped establish Chance as a significant figure in the hip-hop scene. His follow-up, “Coloring Book” in 2016, won him three Grammy Awards and was notable for its gospel influences and features from a wide array of artists. This mixtape was praised for its innovation and depth, securing Chance’s reputation for pushing musical boundaries. His 2019 debut studio album “The Big Day,” however, received mixed reviews, with critics pointing out its overambitious nature and inconsistent quality. Find more new music here. 

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