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Discovering Flo Milli: Rap’s Rising Star

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Who is Flo Milli?

Flo Milli is an American rapper and songwriter from Mobile, Alabama. She burst onto the hip-hop scene with her distinctive voice, witty lyrics, and infectious energy and quickly established herself as a rising star in the rap game.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Raised in a musical family, Flo Milli started writing rhymes at the tender age of nine. Inspired by artists like Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim, she began recording music and performing at local events. Her perseverance paid off when her song “Beef FloMix” went viral on social media platforms, catapulting her into the spotlight.

Breakthrough with “Beef FloMix”

Released in 2019, “Beef FloMix” was a remix of Playboi Carti’s “Beef.” Flo Milli’s version showcased her sharp lyricism and confident delivery, gaining traction on TikTok and other social media platforms. The song’s success led to a record deal with RCA Records and set the stage for her burgeoning career.

Key Tracks and Discography

1. “Beef FloMix” (2019)

The viral hit that started it all, “Beef FloMix” remains a fan favorite and a testament to Flo Milli’s early talent.

2. “In the Party” (2019)

Another viral sensation, this track showcases her playful and commanding style, solidifying her presence in the rap community. Watch the music video.

3. “Like That Bitch” (2020)

A bold and brash anthem, this song emphasizes Flo Milli’s unapologetic confidence and ability to craft catchy hooks. Listen to “Like That Bitch.”

4. “May I” (2020)

This track features a hypnotic beat and showcases her unique flow, earning critical acclaim. Heavy 808s punctured by a crunchy vocal sample. Listen to “May I.”

5. “Weak” (2020)

Sampling SWV’s classic R&B hit, Flo Milli adds her modern twist, creating a memorable track that blends nostalgia with contemporary flair. The song samples SWV’s “Weak.” Watch the music video for Flo Milli’s “Weak.”

6. “Roaring 20s” (2021)

A nod to the glitz and glam of the 1920s, this song highlights her versatility and creative vision. Kenny Beats’ huge beat with an over-the-top sample makes this a must-listen song. Watch “Roaring 20s.”

7. “PBC” (2021)

A hype track with a techno influence. Listen here. 

8. “No Face” (2022)

A track that combines sharp wit with a hard-hitting piano, showcasing her continued evolution as an artist. Watch “No Face.”

9. “Conceited” (2022)

A bold declaration of self-love and confidence, cementing her reputation as a voice of empowerment in hip-hop. Watch music video for “Conceited.” 

10. “Chocolate Rain” (2023)

This track showcases Flo Milli’s ability to blend tribal drumming and a rock riff sample with her breezy flow, adding a new dimension to her discography. Listen to “Chocolate Rain.”

11. “Never Lose Me” (2024)

A reflective and emotionally charged song, highlighting her versatility and growth as an artist. Learn more about “Never Lose Me.”

Ready for more Flo Milli? Check out her performance on The Cave with Kenny Beats.

Conclusion: The Future of Flo Milli

With her undeniable talent and magnetic personality, Flo Milli is poised for continued success in the music industry. As she evolves as an artist, her influence on hip-hop is set to grow, inspiring a new generation of rappers to embrace their unique voices and styles. Keep an eye on Flo Milli—she’s just getting started.

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