Flo Milli Shines with Cardi B and SZA

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Flo Milli Shines w/ Cardi B & SZA in “Never Lose Me” Remix

Flo Milli’s “Never Lose Me” has been taken to new levels with the addition of Cardi B and SZA. This remix transforms the track into a hip-hop celebration, spotlighting Flo Milli’s sharp skills amidst a trio of dynamic talent. It’s not just a song; it’s a musical convergence showing how different styles can combine to make something incredible. The remix appears on Fine Ho, Stay, out today, March 15. Listen to the remix below.

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Three Voices, One Vision: Flo Milli’s Remix Revelation

Imagine combining Flo Milli’s crisp delivery, Cardi B’s bold energy, and SZA’s smooth melodies. The result is a remix that stands out for its creativity and collaboration. This version of “Never Lose Me” proves that when artists combine their signature sounds, they can create a hit that’s both fresh and familiar.


Harmony in Hip-Hop: Flo Milli, Cardi B, and SZA

“Never Lose Me” serves as a perfect example of what happens when hip-hop meets melody and message. Flo Milli, Cardi B, and SZA don’t just sing and rap; they blend their unique voices to elevate the song’s theme of perseverance and unity. This remix is about the synergy of different artists coming together, highlighting Flo Milli’s rising star in the process.


This collaboration marks a significant point in Flo Milli’s career, showcasing her ability to hold her own and shine alongside established artists. With Cardi B and SZA adding their flair to “Never Lose Me,” the track becomes a testament to the power of artistic collaboration. It’s a celebration of talent and the impact of joining forces in the hip-hop scene.


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Other Flo Milli News

Flo Milli appeared on The Cave with Kenny Beats, showcasing her rap prowess through spontaneous lyrics over a beat tailored to her style. Her appearance on this platform further emphasizes her role as a key player in the genre, offering a glimpse into her creative process. In addition to her The Cave performance, Flo Milli has had a productive year, dropping singles like “Never Lose Me” and “Fruit Loop,” and releasing her album Fine Ho, Stay, marking her growing influence in music​.



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