Harry Potter Raps Fast

It’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone on the planet knows who Harry Potter is. In case you don’t, Harry Potter is this kid wizard with special powers that enable him to be the GWOAT (Greatest Wizard of All Time). Anyway, in the Harry Potter movie series, Harry is played by an actor named Daniel Radcliffe. Potter fans watched Radcliffe grow up before their very eyes over the course of the seven film series. What they saw as Radcliffe/Potter grew up is this sweet little kid grew into kind of a nerdy looking dude. Now I don’t condone judging anyone by their looks alone, but everything this guy did basically led me to believe he was kind of a nerdy guy, albeit a pretty talented one. Anyway, on to my point. So I’m watching the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other night and Daniel Radcliffe is on promoting something he’s working on these days. Over the course of the interview, Fallon brings up that Radcliffe is a big fan of rap and hip hop and Radcliffe mentions that some of his favorites are Eminem and Blackalicious. Fast rappers. Well this is where it got crazy… Jimmy Fallon challenged Radcliffe to rap Blackalicious’ Alphabet Aerobics. In case you’ve never heard it, listen now and be amazed:

Pretty awesome, right? I’ve been trying to learn the lyrics to this song since I was in college (which was a really, really long time ago) with very little luck… and I’m pretty good at learning lyrics to songs. So I think to myself, “There is NO way this guy nails this song.” Then he did.

I learned a few things from this.

1. You never know what’s going to happen when Jimmy Fallon and the Roots get involved, but it’s always awesome.

2. Never, ever judge a former Harry Potter series actor by looks alone.

3. I really, really need to learn to rap this song.

The end.


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