High School Principal Installs Laundry Room to Fight Student Bullying

The Good Tide Pod Challenge…

West Side High School (Newark, NJ)  Principal Akbar Cook realized that he had a large absent rate because kids were being bullied in part due to them having dirty clothes. He said that “One time a student didn’t want her bags checked to enter the school because she was embarrassed to be carrying dirty clothes while she was homeless.”

What’s his solution? Install washers and dryers in the school so kids who need can do their laundry.

The community became aware of the situation and people have already started sending in detergent and dryer sheets so the kids could do their laundry free of charge. While school is still closed for Summer, the laundry room is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting August 27th. Once school opens on September 4th it will be open daily after school.

Principal Cook said he will always fight for his students, Because the kids feel that and they’ll fight on that SAT or that test the same way you fight for them.”

What other actions can schools take to decrease incidents of bullying?



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