6 Things for Today’s Hip Hop Wire – June 9, 2015


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1. Jada Pinkett Smith sheds some light on the relationship she held between her and her friend, Tupac. “There was “no physical chemistry” between the two of them, and both seems to be aware of that fact. “There was a time where I was like, ‘Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this goes.’” Which turned out to be a terrible kiss for the both of them. Remember folks, you can’t force it if it isn’t there. And remember that Pinkett has been happily married to Will Smith since 1997.

2. Snoop Dogg is in the doghouse after making some uncomfortable comments towards a female camerawoman in an interview with a Canadian Television company CBC. “I like your camera girl, too. She’s thick… Damn, I wasn’t even looking down. Now I’m forced to look down at the camera, look at the s*** on that critter”. Snoop Dogg was filming episodes of the Trailer Park Boys in Nova Scotia, Canada. “It was creepy and awkeard, but I just laughed it off” says Stephanie Clattenburg ofCBC. “The later on I realized, ‘why does he get a free pass because he is a rapper?'”

3. While Caitlin Jenner’s transition is making big waves in the social media stratosphere, Chris Brown is trying to is trying to shed some light on what he thinks are more important matters, like the fact that Akon is providing electricity and solar power to 600,000 Africans. Also included in the meme he posted on Instagram, Brown referred to her father as a “science project”, which didn’t bode well to Caitlin’s daughter, Kylie. Brown has since apologized for his statements.

4. Famous record executive LA Reid says he “regrets his time” hosting on the popular show X Factor. Reid, who served as a judge for two seasons, says his standards lowered significantly, and that this came into great effect when he was trying to run his record label, Epic Records, which launched alongside his second year stint in the show. He also adds that all statements made were his personally, and “ere not meant to reflect on Simon Cowell, the X Factor, or its successes”. For those who want to read more on his tenure on the famed reality show, check out his book which will be coming out sometime in the near future.

5. What do you give the man who already has everything he ever wanted in life for his birthday? If you are Kim Kardashian, you rent out the Staples center and let he and his friends rule the joint for the night. . If this sounds extravagant, remember that Kanye West did buy Kim K 10 Burger King branches as a wedding present. These kinds of extravagant luxuries are items us mere mortals wouldn’t understand. If you would like to rent out the Staples Center for your next big event, start saving now; Kim got the arena for the low, low, price of $110,000.

6. Beyonce has created a buzz within her Beyhive community, and no one is happy. After promising her fans exclusive content to be dropped on an interview with Good Morning America, the Queen of America gave fans the information that she has been a vegan for 22 days, and that is why she looks so much better than the rest of us. Next time, save the special announcements for the next album, or let us know when Blue Ivy will become a big sister.


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