How Much Screen Time Should Kids Under Five be Exposed to Per Day?


The World Health Organization suggests kids under 5-years-old should have limited or no screen time at all. Is that even possible though?

The organization suggests that infants under the age of one should not get any exposure to electronic screens. They also suggest that kids two to four-years-old shouldn’t spend more than an hour in front of a screen per day.

This seems drastic from what I see kids doing these days. How easy is it to put on a movie that they’ll watch 10 times a day? How easy is it to give them your phone or tablet to play games on? Look, I’m a new dad, but the guidelines seem very strict and almost impossible to stick to, however, I do agree that toddlers/younger kids should spend more time playing outside.

The organization also recommends that young kids should also be getting more exercise and sleep as it will help them develop better habits as they grow.

What is your screen time policy? Do your kids have a limit?



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