New Hip-Hop & R&B Releases: May 17, 2024

New Hip-hop releases May 17, 2024
Talmage Garn

New Hip-Hop and R&B Music May 17, 2024

May 17 Albums

Rapsody: Please Don’t Cry [We Each Other/Jamla/Roc Nation]

Rapsody returns with her deeply emotive album, Please Don’t Cry. Known for her powerful lyrics and storytelling prowess, Rapsody continues to push boundaries in hip-hop. This album, released under We Each Other, Jamla, and Roc Nation, delves into resilience, community, and healing themes. Fans can expect her signature blend of sharp social commentary and poetic expression. Listen to “Back in My Bag.”

Mach-Hommy: #RichAxxHaitian [Mach-Hommy]

Mach-Hommy’s #RichAxxHaitian is a bold statement of cultural pride and lyrical skill. The enigmatic rapper from New Jersey, hooks up with producer Kaytranada. The duo delivers on this project.  Listen to “#RICHAXXHAITIAN”

New Hip-Hop Songs

Key Glock – “F*ck Around & Find Out”

Key Glock drops another banger with “F*ck Around & Find Out.” The Memphis rapper, celebrated for his raw energy and catchy hooks, continues to build on his reputation with this high-octane track. It’s a confident, unapologetic anthem that showcases Key Glock’s unwavering swagger and his knack for crafting memorable hits. Listen on youtube.

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Maxo Kream – “Judged The Plugg”

Maxo Kream’s “Judged The Plug” is a gritty, introspective look at his roots. Known for his vivid storytelling and authentic representation of street life, Maxo delivers another compelling narrative that highlights his lyrical dexterity. This track reinforces his standing as one of the most honest voices in modern hip-hop. Listen to “Judged The Plug.”

Saweetie – “NANi”

Saweetie’s latest single, “NANi,” is a vibrant and infectious track that is poised to dominate the charts. The California rapper, famous for her glamorous style and confident rhymes, brings her A-game with catchy melodies and playful lyrics. “NANi” is a testament to Saweetie’s ability to create irresistible hits that resonate with a wide audience. Explore Saweetie’s “NANi.”

Lupe Fiasco: “Samurai”

Lupe Fiasco returns with “Samurai,” a track that blends his signature intellectual lyricism with intricate production. Known for his thought-provoking content and innovative approach to hip-hop, Lupe continues to challenge listeners with complex themes and masterful wordplay. “Samurai” is a reminder of why Lupe remains a respected figure in the genre. Watch the “Samurai” music video.

Artist Background


Rapsody, born Marlanna Evans, is an American rapper and songwriter from Snow Hill, North Carolina. She has been a prominent figure in hip-hop since her debut, known for her articulate and socially conscious lyrics. Two must-listen tracks are “Afeni” and “Power.”


Mach-Hommy is a Haitian-American rapper and producer who has gained a cult following for his reclusive persona and complex, culturally rich music. He often incorporates elements of his Haitian heritage into his work. Notable songs to check out include “LAJAN SAL” and “Kriminel.”

Key Glock

Key Glock, a Memphis rapper, is known for his association with the late Young Dolph and his energetic solo projects. He has a distinct Southern sound that blends raw, street-wise lyrics with catchy beats. Key Key Glock songs include “Work” and “Russian Cream.”

Maxo Kream

Maxo Kream, hailing from Houston, Texas, is renowned for his raw storytelling and vivid depictions of street life. His music often reflects his personal experiences and struggles. Essential tracks to explore are “Meet Again” and “She Live” (featuring Megan Thee Stallion).


Saweetie, born Diamonté Harper, is a rapper and songwriter from California known for her confident, stylish persona and catchy, upbeat tracks. She has quickly risen to fame with hits that blend pop sensibilities with rap. Must-hear tracks include “My Type” and “Tap In.”

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco, born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, is a critically acclaimed rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is known for his thought-provoking lyrics and innovative musical style. Two essential tracks are “Kick, Push” and “Superstar.”

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest in hip-hop and R&B music.

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