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Ranking “Daytona’s” Best Songs


Pusha T’s third studio album was originally titled King Push but was later changed to DAYTONA in the week of release by Pusha T who revealed that it represents ‘the luxury of time’ since the Rolex Daytona is his favorite watch. The album, which is meant to be his “proclamation of king”, has previously been described by Pusha as “amazing” and “second to none”. He has also declared it will be ‘album of the year’ on several occasions.

So, could it be album of the year? I mean, it has a chance, but I doubt it. Here’s my list from least flames to most flames. Song info provided by Genius.

NO. 7 – “Come Back Baby”

A song about Pusha’s love for dope and the money he makes from it. Pusha has been rapping about cocaine since the beginning of his career, mainly because he used to actually sell it.

NO. 6 – “The Games We Play”

Pusha goes into further details about drug dealing and talks about his wealth and celebrates his success while namedropping his influences.

NO. 5 – “Infrared”

The song that re-ignited the beef between Pusha and Drake.

Infrared light is light that is usually invisible to human eyes but using special kinds of film or devices, you can see things you wouldn’t usually see. In this way, Pusha T can see that a lot of rappers aren’t real, specifically Drake, who he calls out for having ghostwriters and references subliminally throughout the track.

NO. 4 – “Hard Piano” (feat. Rick Ross)

Rick Ross joined Pusha to discuss the woes and blessings that come with success. The title of the song is a double entendre referencing the piano throughout the production and cocaine (piano keys; keys of cocaine). Similar to their 2013 collaboration “Hold On,” this song contains a reflective message from both emcees about their previous endeavors with selling cocaine, troubles with the law, and how they’ve risen to the top of the music industry.

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NO. 3 – “Santeria”

Pusha discusses the tragic murder of his friend and road manager De’Von “Day Day” Pickett.

NO. 2 – “What Would Meek Do?” (feat. Kanye West)

Originally titled “How Do You Respond.” Throughout the track, Pusha makes reference of Meek Mill’s 2017 incarceration pondering, “What would Meek do?”

NO. 1 – “If You Know You Know”

The phrase “If You Know You Know” relates to anyone who has gone down the similar path to the “Drug Dealing” lifestyle as Pusha. The song is littered with references to the drug activities of Pusha and his associates, which in 2009 became the subject of a federal indictment and led to the imprisonment of at least seven of Push’s associates, including one-time Clipse manager Anthony “Tony” Gonzales, who was sentenced to 32 years in federal prison.



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