The Heavy Hitters Retreat 2016 re-cap

Whats up everybody?

DJ Juggy checkin in!

I hope everybody has recovered from long holiday weekend, myself I’m recovering from a week on the road including The Heavy Hitters Retreat in Miami…

IMG 2023

some of you maybe asking…”Who/what are The Heavy Hitters?”

If you listen to any of my mix shows, you my hear me play the “Heavy Hittas, you suckkkkkkkas” drop in mixes… allow me to explain who we are & what we do…

The Heavy Hitters are Internationally recognized DJ crew, but its deeper than that, wee more like a Family! The Heavy Hitters are some of the most influential & respected DJs in radio, from every major city in the US (LA, NYC, CHI, BOS, MIA, etc) +  Canada, Japan, Thailand & Europe.

IMG 2160

(this is only a few of us, you know how hard it is to get 50+ djs to take 1 pic together)

Every year, we gather & spend the weekend together.  Some of us only get to see each once a year or less & this is usually the time. This year we gathered in Miami & invited a few friends to share the weekend with us….

Day #1

The Family Arrives… everyone traveling from all over the country & the world…what else is there to do at 9am in Miami after a red eye flight? Drinks by the pool, yes!

IMG 2265


DJ Lonnie B – Richmond,VA

DJ Shortman MVMNTS – Brooklyn,NY

some jerk

DJ Wallah – New Jeresy – H0t 97 NYC

Chanel – Boss Lady

some other day #1 highlights….

IMG 2159

IMG 2165

The Heavy Hitters CEO/President DJ Enuff – (HOT 97 NYC) on the set at WALL!


as more of The Heavy Hitters/friends & fam arrived , more shenanigans ensued….

Hollywood Bay Bay – K104FM Dallas,Tx (who inspired Hurricane Chris’ hit single “A Bay Bay”)


some of the finest gentleman the recording industry has to offer…..

IMG 2225


Randy Raize – Atlantic Records

Jay Andino – 300

Sonny D – West Coast promo god

Brian Sampson – Empire

some jerk

its still Day#2 now its dinner time… non other Than The Major Key DJ Khaled invited the whole squad to his restaurant finga licking!

IMG 2170

it was an amazing meal, if you’re ever in Miami & you like that good soul food, give it try!

we had a few guests join us at dinner…

Young Dolph came thru to show love!

IMG 2176

as well as We The Best music’s newest artist Steph Lecor

after dinner we made our way to The legendary Circle House studios in Miami, where XO’s Belly gave a sneak peak of his new project “Another day in paradise” available now

Day #3 – Tech Day

on Day #3 we invited a handful of record labels to our tech day & play for us the newest music from each labels artists. Serato was there to show us the latest functions & software for djing.

IMG 2184


DJ E-Feezy – Miami

Young Dolph

some jerk

DJ Luke Nasty

DJ Infamous – Atlanta

after the tech day…

IMG 2263

all though the Retreat was 4 days, 3 days was plenty for me in Miami…I had an amazing time linking with all my heavy hitters fam & friends. until next year…. I leave you with this picture… i took this my last night in Miami seems appropriate to end the blog with this….


IMG 2191

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