TikTokers attempt to cancel The Rap God?



The news of TikTokers trying, and I repeat “Trying” to cancel The Rap God himself Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers is nuts!  This generation just doesn’t understand that Marshall built his whole career on saying the outlandish things that others are scare to say or don’t believe.  There is no way this man Eminem can be cancelled for the lyrics he spits because that’s how we all know Slim!  I mean if they try and come after Mike Tyson for calling his opponents awful, terrible and saying things like “I wanna eat his children” before his fight with Heavyweight Boxer Lennox Lewis, I’ll seriously ‘Lose Myself”.

Hell, Eminem talked about killing his own mother for hells sake.  There are plenty of things that should be cancelled but Eminem is not one of them.  Understand that music is an art that the listener chooses to participate with.  If anything, we should cancel these soft ass TikTok kids looking for something to complain and be fake outraged about.

Nevertheless, I’ll let you be the judge.  Check out EM’s new video

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