Utah’s Very Own Drops New EP — “Love GOD”

Don’t let the title fool you, this isn’t your typical Christian hip-hop project. Actually, very far from it.

Love GOD was created as a first person perspective project. It puts you in the shoes of a very conflicted and enlightened 19 year old Jhay, who at the time, was an active member of the Mormon church.

Jhay’s upbringing was very unique and very strict compared to the typical American kid. Growing up in a extremely traditional Tongan home, his parents religious beliefs ran strong and their dedication to their faith was practiced every day. This took a toll on Jhay, and created internal conflict and a battle between pleasing his parents and the congregation, or freeing himself of the indoctrination and seeking answers outside of Sunday masses.

Lyrics like “I suffocated a thousand times on Sunday morning…” on the song ”Far From Eden” gives a vivid picture of his mixed feelings and anger that rooted from the pressures created by such a religious upbringing.

“Adam’s Epistle” explores the frustration of being “cast out” from the church and his feelings towards the rules and expectations set on him by his mom and church alike.

Prophetess & The Black Sheep is the deepest track on the EP. This record is full of pain, sorrow, and real life experiences with his Mother surrounding the news of being a teen parent, having to get married and bail on his mission. The song is set up in dialogue form. First, he raps his Mothers perspective which is at times hard to bear. It gives you insight on just how much religion played a part in his Mothers parenting. While the second verse reveals his truth, feelings about his upbringing, being a teen father, and of course the pain of disappointment.

Whether you never miss a Sunday morning mass, or haven’t stepped foot in a church since you were a kid, theres something to be felt throughout this EP. Check it out below and let us know what you think @U92slc.

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