Weekly Beatdown | 6/5/23 | Week in Review

92.5 The Beat: Your Weekly Hip-Hop and R&B Roundup

Greetings, Beat listeners! We’re back with your weekly digest, bringing you the freshest news from the hip-hop and R&B scene.

June’s Classic Hip-Hop Albums

This month, we’re taking a trip down memory lane, revisiting some of the classic hip-hop albums that were released in June. These albums have left an indelible mark on the genre, from Kanye West’s groundbreaking Yeezus to the influential Wu-Tang Forever by Wu-Tang Clan. Dive into the full list here.

The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance

From the streets of the Bronx to the global stage, hip-hop dance has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. Explore the rich history and cultural significance of styles like breaking, popping, and locking in our feature on the evolution of hip-hop dance.

The Rock Returns to Fast and Furious

Fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, rejoice! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to return, reprising his role as Luke Hobbs. Get the full scoop on his return and what it means for the franchise here.

Fivio Foreign and Kanye West’s New Track

Fivio Foreign and Kanye West have unleashed a new track, “Concussion.” The song is a testament to their combined musical prowess and is sure to be a hit. Check out the full story and listen to the track.

SZA’s Call to Success

SZA recently sat down with Elle Magazine to discuss her journey to success. The interview provides a deep insight into her life and career. Read the full interview here.

Metro Boomin Taps Nas, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky for Spider-Verse Album

Metro Boomin is bringing together some of the biggest names in hip-hop for the Spider-Verse album. With contributions from Nas, Lil Wayne, and A$AP Rocky, the album is set to be a hit. Get the full details here.

Travis Scott’s New Album Teaser

Travis Scott has teased his new album with a Bad Bunny crossover. The teaser has left fans eagerly anticipating the album’s release. Find out more about the upcoming album here.

Snoop Dogg’s Unfulfilled Military Dream

Before Snoop Dogg rose to rap stardom, he harbored dreams of joining the Air Force. Discover the untold story of his near military journey and his heartfelt tribute to troops here.

The Echo of Tina Turner in Hip-Hop

Tina Turner’s classic hit “What’s Love Got to Do With It” has shaped the sound of hip-hop, serving as a treasured sample in many iconic tracks. Explore how her music continues

to influence today’s artists. Discover the impact of Tina Turner on hip-hop.

Lyrical Warfare: Unpacking Rap’s Best Diss Tracks

The art of the diss track is a staple in hip-hop. We’ve unpacked some of the best diss tracks ever, exploring the lyrical warfare that has shaped the genre.

Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline’: The Unrivaled Diss Track?

Ice Cube has declared his diss track ‘No Vaseline’ as the greatest of all time. Do you agree? Join the discussion and learn more about this iconic diss track.

The Weeknd & Playboi Carti: A New Collaboration

The Weeknd and Playboi Carti have unveiled a new collaboration at the Cannes Film Festival. This exciting reveal coincides with the premiere of The Weeknd’s new HBO series, ‘The Idol.’ Discover more about this new collaboration and The Weeknd’s future in music.

Stay tuned to 92.5 The Beat for more updates from the world of hip-hop and R&B. Keep the beat going!

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Weekly Radio Roundup

Hello, listeners! Here’s your weekly roundup of what’s been buzzing in the radio world. We’ve got a mix of music, news, sports, and some truly unique stories that have been making waves. Let’s dive in!

Mix 105.1 Utah

Utah’s 34th Annual Juneteenth Freedom Festival is set to celebrate the end of slavery in the United States with a wave of freedom.

In celebrity news, Al Pacino has reportedly demanded a DNA test from his baby mama, stirring up some controversy.

Dua Lipa fans, rejoice! The pop sensation is back with a new dance track that’s sure to get you moving.

And for all the Destiny’s Child fans out there, there’s a reunion on the horizon. Get ready for some nostalgic tunes!

100.7 BOB FM

Rock enthusiasts, this one’s for you. The Foo Fighters have paid tribute to Nine Inch Nails and Devo with a cover performance at Sonic Temple.

Metallica fans, you’re in for a treat. The band has released a new stream titled “If Darkness Had a Son”.

Take a trip down memory lane with this bizarre 1987 Pepsi commercial featuring David Bowie and Tina Turner.

101.5 The Eagle

In a surprising turn, a woman entered labor after a Taylor Swift concert. Talk about a memorable night!

A Minnesota man has been indicted for stealing the iconic ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.

In a bizarre incident, a suspected drunk driver attempted to switch places with his dog during a traffic stop.

Country music legend Dolly Parton has named Chris Stapleton as her favorite duet partner, much to his surprise.

ESPN 700 Sports

In sports news, Tony Jones has discussed the Denver Nuggets and the NBA finals.

Don’t miss out on The Drive with Spence Checketts, where you’ll get the latest insights on all things sports.

That’s all for this week’s roundup, folks! Stay tuned for more updates from the world of radio next week.

ESPN 960 Sports

For all the sports enthusiasts out there, don’t miss out on the full show of Valley Sports Talk with Brice Larson, where you’ll get the latest updates on all things sports in the valley.

In an exclusive interview, Utah Valley head coach Todd Phillips discusses UVU Basketball’s big offseason.

And finally, if you’re wondering why the Pac-10 is struggling to make a media deal, this analysis of social media metrics might give you some insights.

That wraps up this week’s radio roundup. Stay tuned for more updates from the world of radio next week!

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