You May Think Twice About Eating at These Burger Chains

Most burger chains received F grades in antibiotic policies…

Who doesn’t love a good burger from one of the many burger chains around the country? Even if you say, “McDonald’s is disgusting, I never eat there,” you’re somewhat lying. Some nights when everything is closed, you have nothing at home and let’s face it, your only option is to eat fast food or go to bed starving.

Is all fast food the same? Are they all bad? Let’s see which fast food chains received passing and failing grades.

Twenty-two of the top 25 U.S. burger chains received a failing grade in a review assessing their practices and policies on antibiotics use in their beef products. If too many antibiotics are pumped into the livestock that you consume, you could be at risk of developing life-threatening infections.

Shake Shack and BurgerFi are the only companies to receive an “A” grade for currently offering up beef raised without antibiotics. The bad news is neither of those companies have locations in Utah.

The only burger chain to not receive a failing grade with locations in Utah was Wendy’s, but they received a D-, so is there really a difference?

Will you still continue to eat at these fast food companies with an “F” grade? It’ll be difficult for me to not have a BigMac every now and again.



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