5 Awkward First Date Moments, And How To Avoid Them

If you’ve ever been on a first date, you know how awkward these things can be. Once, I tripped and fell on my face while walking up to meet my date! Is that an awkward first date moment that will happen to you? Not likely, but I just wanted youth know how bad I am at dating. Nothing is easy about a first date, but with a little guidance, maybe these awkward moments will be less agonizing.

We’re all looking for the same thing right? Love and companionship, so basically a BFF you get to hook up with. Well, first dates are our way of “interviewing” our potential future Bae! This shouldn’t be complicated, but it is. Luckily you have me to help you out!

First things first, BE YOU! Be yourself. We don’t want to fake who we are to impress a date. And why would you want to anyway? You want to be loved and accepted for who YOU are. So, be you. The rest of the stuff I can help you out with.

1. The First Greeting

You know that feeling when you go for a handshake and they want a high 5? And then you’re doing some weird robot dance trying to figure out if its a fist bump or a one arm hug they wanted. Don’t let this be you! When initially greeting your date, always go for a hug. They may start to put their hand out for a handshake, but go in for the kill. I always say “Im a hugger” and then just hug them. Its an easy way to break the ice, and make them a little less tense and anxious for the date.

2. The Catfish

Social media had made it nearly impossible to tell what someone actually looks like in person. With snap filters and photoshop, nowadays we’re falling in love with an edited version of a real person. Its a scary to think about. Falling for someone you met on social media, and then meeting them in person and finding out it was a lie, is one of the worst first date moments in life! What do you do at that point? When you realize they look nothing like their profile? Don’t panic. The easiest way to handle this is be honest before your date. Make sure YOU are honest with your photos, so they will feel forced to be honest about theirs. Send them real, non filter, recent pics of yourself and make sure they know “This is me without makeup” or “This pic was taken this past weekend” so there are no surprises when you meet.

3. The “EX” Talk

If you want to kill a date quick, bring up your EX. This is always unacceptable, unless they ask you first. Nobody wants to listen to their date ramble on about how much they hate their EX, or how heart broken they are about the breakup. Its an instant turn off, and guarantee that the first date will also be the last. If your date does it, be straight up with them. Tell them you aren’t interested in talking about it. If it continues, end the date ASAP.

4. The Bill

I don’t think this will ever not be awkward, regardless of who you’re out with. Its still a weird moment for me with my boyfriend, and even friends. But, the first dates bill is always the worst! I am a little old fashioned at times, and am a firm believer that the man should take care of the first date bill. But, whats important is to offer to pay/split the bill. That way your date doesn’t think you are expecting them to automatically pay.

5. The Kiss

The awkward first kiss. Which way do you turn your head? What do you do with your hands? How link should it be? This can all be avoided if you simply settle for a goodbye hug. Im not a “kiss on the first date” kinda girl, so I’ve always opted for a goodbye hug. It makes things less awkward, and gives you time to process wether you like the person or not, before you take it there. Unless theres some crazy chemistry between you two, my advice would be, don’t do it.

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