5 Must Have Backups In Your DJ Backpack

Hey guys, it’s Dizz –

Yo shout out to all you working DJ’s out there! Over the years I have learned a few things about items you should have in my DJ backpack at all times. No matter the situation do your best to be prepared to play on any set up. Below are some of my most recommended items you might not already have. All these are now in my backpack because of times they were needed and not around. So before you run into a situation like me, take this advice!

1. External Hard Drive/Jump Drive
Have a backup of all my music on an external hard drive, so if worse comes to worse, I can plug into whoever’s laptop I’m playing with. I always make sure it’s USB powered, so it’s quick and easy to use with any laptop.

2. DJ Emergency Kit
A lot of venues don’t take care of the DJ equipment and sometimes they don’t have the right cables, so I always bring an “emergency kit.” It has 1/4 to 1/8 adapters, RCA cables, fader knobs, USB cables, RCA to 1/4 adapters, and other useful accessories.

3. Spare Laptop Charger
We’ve all had that dreaded moment when you’re battery life is dwindling and you realize you left your charger at home. Keep a spare in your bag at all times, you can’t ever be too safe.

4. Multi-use Tool 
You’ll be prepared to face almost any challenge, whether you’re doing surgery on your needles, headshells, or sound card, you should be able to fix any minor issues with a small leatherman multi tool.

5. Business Cards
You never know who you will meet, being prepared to network is a must. Always carry some business cards with your contact information. I’ve gotten countless gigs from passing out cards at other parties from my backpack after passing out all the cards in my wallet.

Below is a walk through for DJ backpack essentials!!!

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