DJ Juggy’s Keys To A Successful Marriage.

What’s up guys, its DJ Juggy. This past week My wife & I celebrated our 10 Year Anniversary and through out the week we received many praises for the milestone. I never really thought about it as an accomplishment like others do. Being with someone for 10 years draws the question….how did you do it? Well, its not rocket science… here’s a few keys that helped me. I’m not gonna preach and tell you to do this & to do that, but I will tell you the things I did & it seemed to work for me.

  1. She’s always right… Even when she’s wrong, so choose your battles wisely. Your ego is a thing of the past, you left that at the alter in exchange for that ring! This gets a lot easier to do as time goes on… Let. Things. Go. Oh Ya, Communication…. Communication is Major Key!
  2. If wifey isn’t happy, nobody is happy. So we make wifey happy. (you may need to revert back to #1)
  3. Never say she’s FAT! Even if she asks & persuades you to agree with her, NEVER, EVER, EVER EVER EVER do it. Stand guard.
  4. Food. Feed Her. Feed her fast. Feed her what she wants, even if she doesn’t know what she wants (may need to revert back to #2)
  5. Do Random Cute S#it for them. On non-holiday, birthday, anniversary days. Buy some flowers on a Tuesday for no reason or schedule a stay-cation somewhere.

I’m no Dr. Phil, but after 10 years I can definitely tell you that these 5 things (& more) will help you to a successful marriage. In 10 years I’ll blog about the 10 keys to my 20 years marriage!

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